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Safe Mileage Contest 

Eligible participants receive:
Safe Rider pin (first year participants)

and the contest year rocker

Annual Awards:
Highest chapter member mileage
Highest associate member mileage
Highest professional member mileage
Highest chapter mileage

2017 Award Winners

High Chapter Member Mileage:
Christine Allen - 40,432 miles
WITW Cactus Cuties Chapter

High Chapter Mileage (top five member mileage applies):
WITW Cactus Cuties Chapter - 97,541 miles

2017 Top 10 WITW Mileage

Christine Allen - 40,432

WITW Cactus Cuties Chapter

Tammy Meyer - 23,388

WITW Blue River Angels Chapter

Cheryl Gray - 22,657

WITW Pink Diamonds & Steel Chapter

Ella Beringer - 21,847

WITW Prairie Roses Chapter

Wanda Plasko - 20,906

WITW Edmonton Chapter

Patti Loers - 20,146

WITW Vagabond Sister Chapter

Michele Miller - 19,364

WITW Rocky Mountain Chapter

Connie Thomas - 18,746

WITW Dragon Gypsies Chapter

Priscilla Wilcox - 18,615

WITW Cactus Cuties Chapter

Glenda Kelly - 17,885

WITW Oz Outlawz Chapter

100,000 Mile Club

Started in 2002 to recognize WITW
members that have ridden 100,000+ miles.

Contest History

Since it's inception in 1990 there have
been changes and major milestones.