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WITW International Officers

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Cat - President
WITW Long Island Chapter

Shari - Vice President
WITW Low Country

Ladies Chapter

Dee - Secretary
WITW Ladies of
Chrome & Leather Chapter

Jett - Treasurer
WITW Sol Sisters
San Diego Chapter

Becky - WITW Founder
& Merchandiser
WITW Toledo Chapter

Myra - Canadian Administrator
WITW Edmonton Chapter

Allison - European Administrator
WITW Dragon Riders
Chapter UK

Jennifer - Historian
WITW Sunshine
Sisters Chapter

Karen - Maintenance Officer
WITW Sin Sity
Sisters Chapter

Carol - Motorcycle Rights Officer
WITW Sisters of

Anarchy Chapter

Randi - Newsletter Editor
WITW Hudson Valley
Hoydens Chapter

Lisa - Safety Officer
WITW Twisted 
Sisters Chapter 

Carol - Website Administrator
WITW Sol Sisters
San Diego Chapter