WITW International Maintenance Officer
Pat Meadors

I’ve been a member of Women In The Wind since 2013.
I am a member of the WITW Black Rose Chapter.

 My love of riding started when my Dad put me on a little red minibike that he had picked up at a yard sale. I was 8 and my passion was ignited.

The first bike I bought on my own was a 1972 Honda CB350.
I bought that bike for $140 and a car stereo.  It didn’t run.

I promptly bought a Clymer’s repair manual and got on a first name basis with the local Honda dealership.  I got it running through a lot of trial and error and help from my Dad.  This is when my love of working on motorcycles began. 

Some of you know me as Scout or The Hopeless Wanderer.  You may have even followed my travels on Hopeless Wanderings Facebook page or my YouTube Channel.

I’ve had epic adventures!  I’ve also had starters stop starting, dead batteries, floorboards break, handlebars break, transmission and clutch failures, and even catastrophic engine failure.

If you ride, things WILL inevitably break.  Get a basic understanding of how everything works together on your bike.  Learn how to spot potential issues.  Perform preventative maintenance.  You Don’t Have To Be A Damsel In Distress!

Visit Pat's WITW Maintenance (Don't Be A Damsel In Distress!) site