Marijke de Vries - Sol Sisters San Diego Chapter Angel

WITW Sister ~ 2013----------Forever Sister ~ July 06, 2014

On July 6, 2014 we lost one of our own. Marijke de Vries lost her long time battle with cancer. Marijke “Mo” was born in Haarlem, The Netherlands on February 16, 1968. Marijke’s first sport was gymnastics, which she started at six years old. She also sang in the children’s choir. Marijke later joined a show band and played Alto horn. As part of the band’s travels, Marijke first visited the United States when she was 12 years old. She spoke of that visit and how she knew, from the moment she walked on American soil that she was destined to live in the US.

As a child, Marijke struggled with her immense size. She was larger than even Dutch standards and found it challenging to maneuver in her “oversized” body.

Other sports Marijke participated in were cycling and volleyball. After playing volleyball for just a short while Marijke soon realized that basketball was her true sport. Through playing basketball, Marijke came to see that her great size gave her an edge up in the game and she began to welcome and embrace her size as a blessing.

Marijke’s basketball skills brought her an overwhelming number of invitations to play at colleges all across the US. Marijke decided on San Diego State University.

In 1991, Marijke started playing with State at the National Level, which she told her family she was very proud of. Marijke thoroughly enjoyed her time studying at and playing basketball for State and graduated with a degree in Physical Education in 1994. From 1994-1999 Marijke worked as a San Diego school bus driver. In 1999, Marijke moved to Seattle where she started working for King County as an MTS bus driver. Marijke’s size was again used to her advantage as a bus driver because few people wanted to mess with her. All she had to do was stand up and the trouble would cease!

Marijke’s love of motorcycling brought her into our doors. Our lives have never been the same since. She touched the lives of every single one of us in one way or another. If there is anything you take from Marijke’s life please take this - give love freely to others. Express it. Live it. Be it. And never be afraid to get lost, because, as Marijke said, “Three Lefts make a Right.” Here’s to you Marijke… GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!