Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Have Access to a Bike to be a Member?

Yes, you need a bike to be a chapter member, although in rare cases, some exceptions can be made. Otherwise, associate membership is open to those women who are interested in motorycling but don't yet have theirs.

How Do I Go About Getting My First Bike?

If you haven't already done this, contact your state department of transportation to take a motorcycle safety course. How you choose that bike is then best up to you. Generally, it's a good idea to feel your feet touch the ground when standing still and know that it's a bike you're comfortable riding.

How Do I Join A Chapter?

Click on our link for membership.

Who Can Sell and Buy WITW Logo Gear?

Internationals sell WITW t-shirts. Chapters may create logo items, after approval from our International Executive Board. These items may be sold to WITW members only. The sales generally raise funds for specific chapters. (Individual WITW members cannot sell logo items.)

Sample logo items have been bandannas, mugs, stickers, backpacks, hats, belt buckels, jewelry, etc. In special circumstances, chapters may create a local event t-shirt. Approval must STILL be obtained from our International Executive Board. Please contact before proceeding.

May Men Join?

No, Women in the Wind has been established to promote women riding.

May Men Participate in Chapter Activities?

That is completely up the the individual chapters and the events being hosted.