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International Officers serve on a volunteer capacity. They are nominated and elected every two years. They preside over membership, our Logo Items, the Website, the Safe Mileage Contest, Shootin' the Breeze, Motorcycle Rights, Safety Issues, Motorcycle Maintenance, our History, and handle miscellaneous requests for assistance. The next elections will be held in 2017 and are announced at that year's Summer Internationals.

, President, member of Long Island Chapter

, Vice-president, member of Silver River Chapter (picture)

, Secretary/Safe Mileage, member of Ladies of Chrome and Leather (LOCAL) Chapter

, Treasurer, member of Sol Sisters Chapter

, FOUNDER, member of Toledo Chapter (picture, home page)

, Shootin' the Breeze Editor, member of Sol Sisters Chapter

, Web Mistress, member of 4~Season Sistas Chapter

, Canadian Administrator, member of Edmonton Chapter

, Motorcycle Rights Officer, member of Low Country Ladies Chapter

, Maintenance Officer, member of Sin Sity Chapter

, Safety Officer, member of Ladies of Chrome and Leather (LOCAL)Chapter

, Historian, member of Sunshine Sisters Chapter


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