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Becky Brown has been riding since the 70's, and her story is similar to the stories of many women. We would ride on the back with boyfriends or husbands, or some of us were tomboys and rode dirt bikes, but once we got the bug, it was a matter of knowing how to find a bike that fit us and learn the rules of the road.

In 1979, Becky Brown placed an ad in her local newspaper. Soon after, eleven women took their first ride as a club through the scenic byways of the Maumee River. Since those first women in Toledo chose a name, Women in the Wind has expanded to more than 1200 members and spanned the globe across the U.S. and into Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. The organization now sports over 100 chapters, and while sometimes the chapter locations and member faces change, Women in the Wind keeps its spirit to promote a positive image of women motorcyclists.

She Lives to Ride is a PBS documentary that features Becky Brown with some other famous women motorcyclists such as Dot Robinson (founder of Motor Maids). It was film director Alice Stone's debut film in 1994.

Founder Becky Brown rides into Motorycle Hall of Fame. See her local Toledo Blade online article, and of course, the Hall of Fame Announcement!

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